2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

Concurrent Sessions A          9:15-10:30  new time

  1. Instructional Technology for Sustainability Studies: The Campus as a Living Lab
  2. Mindful Teaching—Teaching Mindfully
  3. Classroom Management 1101: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Students
  4. Why Is Writing Important in Every Classroom?
  5. G.O. Collaborative
  6. Encouraging and Documenting Class Participation
  7. Why Can’t They Understand? Connecting Students with Disparate Learning Styles
  8. Your Students Will Not Remember Everything You Teach, and That’s All Right: Creating Learning Priorities to Guide Curriculum
  9. Distance Learning (DL) or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Lemonade from Lemons
  10. Why Web Enhance Your Traditional Course?
  11. Increasing Student Classroom Engagement Through the Use of Mobile Technology
  12. Empowering CNM Students with Disabilities to Succeed: It Is a Collaborative Process!
  13. Opening Your Classroom to Students Who Are Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing
  14. Bringing Brain Research to the Classroom
  15. Team-Based Learning: Flipping the Classroom for Significant Learning

Concurrent Sessions B          10:45-12:00   new time

  1. Teaching Sustainability Across the Curriculum: What, Why, and How
  2. Can I Use This? Copyright and Fair Use for Instructors
  3. The Narcissism Epidemic
  4. The Rainbow Papers: Essay Building with Metacognition and Accountability
  5. Come to Do the Cup Song and Learn about Learning
  6. Thinking Outside the Lecture: Teaching Inductive Reasoning Strategies with Student-Centered Learning
  7. Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty
  8. One Thousand Origami Cranes and Beyond: How CHSS Faculty Promote Graduation
  9. Understanding by Design (UbD): Power of Summative Assessments in Theory and Practice
  10. Q.M. the Easy Way: Using the Distance Learning Classroom
  11. Diversity: Factors Affecting Student Success in Higher Education
  12. Service Animals at Central New Mexico Community College
  13. From Walking Dead to Talking Heads: Encouraging Active Learning in the Classroom
  14. From Zombie to Exhilarated: Transforming Your Classroom Through Active Learning
  15. Teaching with Twitter in Higher Ed.

Concurrent Sessions C          2:00-3:15

  1. Sustainability SAGES
  2. Reflecting on the Teaching of Mathematics
  3. The Kids are Alright: And You Will Be Too
  4. Ticket to Ride/Write
  5. Engaging Students with Social Media
  6. Everybody Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom
  7. Beyond the Classroom: Part-Time/Full-Time Traditional/Non-Traditional Effective Use of Office Hours
  8. The Aggregate Course Point System: Lessons Learned
  9. Evidence-Based Teaching Meets Liberal Arts Assessment: Round Table
  10. The MOOCs Movement: Threat or Opportunity?
  11. Talking Heads (Not the 80’s Band): Patient Simulation at HWPS and How to Access It
  12. Much to Learn, We Still Have: American Sign Language vs. Written English, A Grammatical Comparison
  13. Cutting Edge Tools for the Classroom
  14. Interactive and Engaging Online Activities
  15. Diversity: Examining Teacher-Student Interactions

Poster Presentations

  1. The Westside Garbology Project
  2. Ecollaboration--Sustainability as a Concept to Strengthen Our Campus/Community
  3. Reading Improvement (ENG 0750) Accelerated Compression Pilot
  4. Early Alert Loop System