Session P3

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

Reading Improvement (RDG 0750) Accelerated Compression Pilot

Jessica Mills, M.Ed., SAGE

Poster Presentation, Lower Level Lobby 


The Reading Improvement (RDG 0750) Accelerated Compression Pilot course offers an opportunity to students whose reading skills are below the required college level, but who wish to work at an accelerated pace in a more student-centered learning environment than the traditional Reading Improvement course offers.  Modularized course content through an online program called MyReadingLab coupled with diagnostic assessment allows flexibility of individual learning design while the course textbook and topic-specific lessons taught by the instructor create opportunities for students to learn together as a class and collaboratively in small groups.  At mid-term, assessment is done in a holistic manner for each student with the instructor examining Initial and Current Lexile scores, Accuplacer scores, individual skill mastery, and Reading Mastery Check scores.  The instructor is then able to create a plan of action with each student to determine if s/he will continue working at the RDG 0750 level or will be able to begin work at the RDG 0950 level.  Skill-specific remediation is offered to those students who need to remain working towards mastery of RDG 0750 skills.  Students allowed this individuation and flexibility become more active and motivated to participate in the learning process to reach their individual course goals.

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