Session C9

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

Evidence-Based Teaching Meets Liberal Arts Assessment: Round Table

Patricia Seitz, CHSS; Asa Stone, CHSS; Erica Volkers, CHSS

Santo Domingo, 2:00-3:15


Opening Presentation: The proposed round table will begin with a presentation of a) an overview of the CHSS Liberal Arts Assessment, b) the objective of the proposed session, c) the results of two pilot studies, and d) reflections of the pilot studies.

Reflections: After the opening presentation, the presenters/ facilitators will ask the session participants to prepare for the guided round table discussions by answering reflection questions included in this proposal.

Round Table Discussions: Once the session participants had time to reflect on the opening presentation, we will engage in a collegial discussion on the CHSS Liberal Arts Assessment. The main purposes of this segment are a) for assessment coordinators and other interested participants to gain knowledge from the lessons learned via the pilot studies, b) for the presenters to provide information about the ongoing efforts, and c) for all participants to exchange ideas.

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