Session C8

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

The Aggregate Course Point System: Lessons Learned

Elizabeth Bennett, CHSS; Katrina Taylor, CHSS

Jemez, 2:00-3:15


This session will discuss a teaching approach we’ve both implemented in our courses after learning about it at NMHEAR. We came away so impressed that we both vowed to try an “Aggregate Course Point System” for engaging and assessing students. Our presentation will describe our progress so far in moving to this approach, reflect on challenges and benefits we’ve encountered, share student feedback and responses in our departments, and consider ways to improve upon the system as we move forward.

We’ll explain what’s involved in using this system, which centers on engaging students in frequent lower-stakes assignments. Benefits include keeping students more actively engaged, building in flexibility for both students and instructors, and frequent opportunities for reflection and assessment. The system builds on techniques we previously used, but pushes us to be more reflexive and adaptive in adjusting lesson plans or assignments based on student feedback.

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