Session C1

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

Sustainability SAGES

Sue Small, SAGE; Artemio Zavala, SAGE; Robert Mroz, SAGE

Tesuque, 2:00-3:15


The nation’s community colleges are reviewing sustainability within a whole-systems approach including energy efficiency, renewable generation, recycling, reducing the institutional carbon footprint, and student learning. CNM is on its own journey to sustainability.  Instructors from SAGE are using CNM’s involvement in sustainability to create learning opportunities where students and teacher can create and reflect on sustainable projects and lessons to engage in a process of continuous learning.   By using the college as a living laboratory, these instructors are working with the practical values and theories that show the school’s commitment to student learning, sustainability, efficiency, and the environment. Projects and lessons are examined for the effect on student learning and workplace skills development as well as college impact. This practice-based learning will enhance our own instructional offerings, positively impact our student learning, and add to the college’s sustainability efforts.

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