Session B8

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

One Thousand Origami Cranes and Beyond: How CHSS Faculty Promote Graduation

Elizabeth Bennett, CHSS; Kristin L. Roush, CHSS; Erica Volkers, CHSS

Jemez, 12:30-1:45


The proposed panel session will be divided into two parts. During the first part, members of the panel will describe the specific strategies they have utilized to increase graduation rates. Examples of specific strategies include CHSS Major Mixer (that provides an opportunity for students to envision their graduation and obtain information to actualize their vision), Major Spotlight Lunchtime Series (that provide opportunities for students to learn about major-specific information regarding graduation), Graduation Receptions in Sociology/Criminology and Psychology (that provides opportunity for students to celebrate their accomplishment with their peers and instructors as they graduate).

During the second part, the panel will have a Q and A session. Then, participants are invited to join the panel in generating more creative and concrete ideas that can be implemented in the classroom and college wide to promote graduation.

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