Session B4

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

The Rainbow Papers: Essay Building with Metacognition and Accountability

Maria DeBlassie, Ph.D., CHSS

Estancia, 12:30-1:45


This presentation is primarily for writing instructors.  The focus of this presentation is on helping students write an essay piece by piece—and holding them accountable for that information.  I want to discuss the lesson plan I use to help students understand the various parts of an essay and their purpose, specifically where students are responsible for highlighting and labeling the parts of their own essays before turning them in.  This activity holds student accountable for not just understanding but using all the parts of the essay.  It is also a metacognitive exercise that allows them to reflect on their writing.

I will show student samples of their highlighted papers (what I informally call the “rainbow papers”) and discuss how the reveal the students’ writing process and understanding for their own work.  I will also explain how it helps teachers streamline their grading.

The final outcomes of this presentation will be to show how to increase accountability in student learning and metacognition in their writing development by using this system of self-evaluation.

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