Session B13

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

From Walking Dead to Talking Heads: Encouraging Active Learning in the Classroom

Kristina Lauer, SAGE; Suzanne Harris-Smith, SAGE; Amy Christensen, SAGE

Acoma, 12:30-1:45


The focus of this interactive workshop is to reflect upon active learning practices in the classroom.

Participants will begin the session by reviewing various definitions of active learning and how it is measured by the Classroom Observation Form  which is used for observing faculty at CNM.

Next, working in small groups, participants will change five common teacher-centered activities like reviewing homework, discussing an essay, or listening to a lecture into more student-centered activities. The small groups will share their ideas for making classroom tasks more active with the entire group.

The workshop will conclude with time for individual reflection and group sharing.  Participants are encouraged to bring their smart phones or mobile online technology devices to use as part of the feedback process.  Detailed handouts will be provided with active learning definitions, examples, and websites on how to incorporate more active learning in the classroom. Zombies are not welcome.

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