Session B11

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

Diversity: Factors Affecting Student Success in Higher Education

Marvin Lozano, Ed.D., BIT; Tomas Ruiz-Fabrega, Ph.D., CHSS

Enchantment I, 12:30-1:45


The focus of this presentation will be on understanding student poverty, one factor affecting student success in higher education. The content will include material on understanding and engaging under-resourced college students. In addition, the content will identify related factors of students who are “at risk” of succeeding in college found in the higher education literature:

  1. Level of cultural, social and emotional capital,
  2. Minority identification and first generation enrollment in higher education,
  3. Gender,
  4. Non-traditional status, and
  5. Academically underprepared due to inadequate high school preparation.

The intended outcomes are that CNM colleagues will better understand our diverse student population (demographics) and the various factors affecting student success in higher education.

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