Session B1

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

Teaching Sustainability Across the Curriculum: What, Why, and How

M.J. Zimmerman, CHSS

Tesuque, 12:30-1:45


Humanity currently faces the challenge of how to live sustainably, how to balance concerns for people, place, and profit. CNM is already a leader in building and operating sustainable campuses, and is now moving towards introducing the topic of sustainability more widely across the college curriculum. This presentation will explain what the academic study of sustainability is, why it can be an enlivening addition to a wide variety of classes, and how faculty could begin to integrate this topic into their existing courses. We will look at examples of how to incorporate sustainability into a class, and the pedagogical benefits and challenges of doing so. Participants will have the chance to reflect and brainstorm with others about how sustainability connects to their discipline and what perspectives their disciplines could offer to the study of sustainability.

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