Session A7

2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning at CNM

Why Can’t They Understand? Connecting Students with Disparate Learning Styles

Heather Carson, RVT, BOE, HWPS; Bonnie Snyder, D.V.M., Ph.D., HWPS

Cochiti, 10:00-11:15


Traditional methods of instruction involve teachers verbally lecturing to their students for an entire class session.  In this model, why is it that some students easily comprehend the presented material while others struggle? One possibility is that not all students are auditory learners.  There are in fact many learning styles, including: read/write, tactile/kinesthetic, visual, auditory, and multimodal.  Integrating disparate learning styles into the classroom is a three step process: identification of the student’s preferred learning style, integrating alternative learning into daily lesson plans/assessments, and instructing students how to use their learning style preference to study more effectively.  This session will also include a self-reflection and discussion module to explore integrating multiple learning styles into both technical education and traditional classrooms.

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