Session C13

8th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Interactive Classroom Technologies: Using a Document Camera

Robert Brooks (CNM/Audiovisual Services) 

Taos, 2:50 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Document cameras are so much more than just the modern equivalent to those dusty old overhead transparency projectors. These devices are versatile tools that can benefit most any teaching style. They provide a simple and effective way to take advantage of technology in the classroom. This presentation will provide attendees with an overview of CNM’s preferred classroom model: The Lumens “Ladibug” style DC193 High-Definition Document Camera; however, many covered techniques may transfer to various other types of document cameras. Covered topics will take you from the absolute basics of set-up and use for common classroom situations to advanced features and skills that will facilitate content for web-enhanced, hybrid, or online classes by streaming to any Learning Management System, creating engaging new digital content from old materials, or even very simple lecture capture.  

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