Session B9

8th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Interactive, Inclusive, and Experiential Learning Assignments through Technology for Student Engagement  

Kori Thompson, M.A (New Mexico Junior College/History Department) 

Acoma , 1:20-2:30

This proposal addresses the ideas of student engagement and active learning strategies, collaborative learning, and the utilization of technology by demonstrating interactive, inclusive, and experiential learning assignments, particularly for introductory class faculty. During the session, sample assignments and technology platforms, such as Perusall and Google Maps, will be shown that have been tested personally to show an increase in student participation and completion rates all within a collaborative atmosphere that students feel accomplished and proud of their content creation. Students use their already developed media literacy and technology skills while learning how to research, engage with peers, and think critically to create digital and non-digital content to foster peer and personal understanding of course material. To further explore active learning strategies and collaborative learning, the session will also cover the pedagogy of Reacting to the Past, a role immersion situation that fosters deeper connections with the material.  

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