Session B3

8th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

News in the Classroom: A Pathway to Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Civic Engagement  

Holly Hitzemann (CNM/BIT/Business Administration) 

Carlsbad , 1:20-2:30

“News plays a critical role in helping students navigate and understand the world, engage with social and learning communities, and participate in a democracy… (Project Information Literacy) This presentation will inform attendees how college students currently ingest news, the challenges in deciphering objective news, and provide recommendations on assignments that can provide a platform for critical thinking and enhanced subject engagement. A 30 minute presentation highlighting current expert studies and findings will be followed by breakout into teams to create an assignment in their subject area(s) that follows best practices. Teams will share their assignment ideas. Attendees should bring cellphone or laptops. 
Upon completion of this session attendees will: 

  • Understand and evaluate recent information literacy research findings 
  • Review expert guidance on enhanced use of news in the classroom for all subject areas 
  • Create multiple assignments in various disciplines which can be immediately incorporated into current curriculum(s) 

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