Session B10

8th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Model Teaching Skills: How to Develop Rapport, Alliance, & Culturally Competent Teaching Skills with your Students  

Aaron Richmond  (Metropolitan State University of Denver/Psychology and Education)  

Pecos, 1:20-2:30

Research suggests, that outside of using varying instructional strategies, that the very best teachers (i.e., model teachers) exhibit several exemplary teaching skills. Namely, model teachers possess and use rapport building strategies, build a learning alliance with their students, and employ culturally-competent teaching skills.  For example, model teachers build rapport by using personally relevant examples, and model teachers increase the learning alliance by getting to know your students, and model teachers are culturally-competent by taking the perspective of their students. Throughout this workshop, we will first discuss examples of these skills, how to implement, and we will end with a discussion on how to further develop these model teaching skills.  

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