Session A11

8th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

10 Small Ideas That Can Make Large Impacts in Lecture & Lab

Susan E. Tappen, MS, NTP (CNM/MSE/Biology & Biotechnology) 

Sandia , 10:00-11:10

Over time, faculty try various ideas to improve student focus, retention of material, perform assessments, and promote student self-responsibility. Some are too hard or take too much valuable class time, or take too much prep by the instructor with too little return. In this information session, 10 tried-and-true simple ideas from Susan Tappen’s Biology courses will be presented that can be easily implemented in almost any content-heavy lecture or lab. Ideas that will be shared include Susan’s “GradeSheet”, which increases student self-assessment & self-responsibility, while eliminating the constant question of “how am I doing” and “what’s my grade”. Also presented is the One-on-One Practical, which can reveal underlying problems in understanding basic concepts. Time will be provided for faculty to share additional tips and ideas, as well as brain-storming how to implement some of these ideas in their own classes. Handouts will be provided to take home. 

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