Session C6

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Session Cancelled

Diversity, Inequities, and Social Justice: Creating Spaces for Authentic Dialogue in Online Courses

Xeturah M. Woodley (Teacher Preparation, Administration, and Leadership/Learning Design and Technology, NMSU)

Sierra II, 2:00-3:15

Authentic dialogue about social and cultural issues is an imperative in the current educational zeitgeist of national standards, high stakes testing, and neoliberal accountability reform. As a social justice educator, it is important for me to provide a space for students to engage in authentic dialogue about intersectional identities as well as current events like social and online movements. In this roundtable-style session, we will discuss and share examples of how online faculty can create environments that encourage authentic discourse about diversity, inequities, and social justice.

The focus will be on sharing ideas and strategies for creating online learning environments where students are safe to have authentic dialogue about intersectional issues. Participants will leave the discussion with assignment ideas and teaching techniques they can use to create culturally responsive online environments that support authentic dialogue about diversity, inequities, and social justice. 

The intended audience for this session is online faculty.

Mobile devices: Welcomed but not required.

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