Session C2

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Digital Pedagogy Session #3 – Digital Assignments that Fit Pedagogical Goals  

Brandon Morgan (CHSS, CNM); Patricia O’Connor  (CHSS, CNM); Marissa Juarez (CHSS, CNM)

Sandia I, 2:00-3:15

As noted in the first two sessions in this series, digital tools are increasingly prevalent in our world and more relevant than ever to teaching at the college level. Recent CNM initiatives, including BYOD and the creation of open educational resources, encourage instructors to incorporate digital tools in their classes. However, some of us may feel unsure about how to create meaningful, technology-enhanced assignments that are grounded in curricular and disciplinary objectives. To address that concern, this session will showcase a few different assignments that CNM instructors use in their classes that employ digital tools and facilitate a discussion of how those assignments and tools achieve specific pedagogical goals. The digital tools highlighted here are free and easy for students to use. Please come with a laptop, tablet, or other mobile device so you can try the different digital tools presented in the session.

This session is part of the 3-part digital pedagogy track at the conference. Sequential attendance is not required but attending all three is recommended; each will refer to the others but are not dependent on the others.

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