Session C1

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Waging Peace: Mindfulness and Social Justice

Beth Giebus-Chavez (IRW, SAGE, CNM); Melissa Franklin (Biology, MSE, CNM)

La Ventana, 2:00-3:15

Mindfulness practices draw attention to “present moment” experiences and sensations. Yet for those involved in anti-oppression work, such awareness can sometimes serve to underscore the rage and frustration that results from daily encounters with prejudice and inequity. How do we process our anger without diluting its transformative potential? How can mindfulness tools aid the emancipatory work of social justice activists, advocates, and allies? Drawing upon the work of Paolo Freire, bell hooks, angel Kyodo williams and other activists, this session seeks to

  • engage participants in a dialogue about how social justice efforts can be supported by mindfulness practices, and how critical awareness of identity locations and lived experiences can better inform mindfulness-based approaches; and
  • share “critical contemplative” practices and resources that can guide, enrich, and transform our work in effecting change within our classrooms and communities.

No mobile device is needed.

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