Session B2

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Digital Pedagogy Session #2 – Teaching Digital Presence and Privacy in the Online Classroom

Brian Hudson (CHSS, CNM)

Sandia I, 12:30-1:45

The future of employment will increasingly demand that our students become more and more digitally literate. This means not only technical knowledge of particular software applications but a critical understanding of how they interact within various personal and professional digital cultures. Teaching students to reflect on their digital presence and helping them practice online collaborative skills (both asynchronously and in real-time) will help them compete in an economy where employers rely more heavily on the internet for day-to-day operations and also have an increased sensitivity to employees’ online behavior outside of work-related tasks.

This session is part of the 3-part digital pedagogy track at the conference. Sequential attendance is not required but attending all three is recommended; each will refer to the others but are not dependent on the others.

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