Session B11

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

The Music of English

Susie Olson (Director of English teachers through ISI at UNM; Volunteer tutor at CNM Montoya)

Agave, 12:30-1:45

This is a unique workshop geared to helping ESL teachers, tutors and other interested educators learn effective strategies for teaching pronunciation. International students struggle with English pronunciation and many of them have difficulty being understood by native speakers.  Most international students studied English in their country with a non-native English teacher, so they learned to speak English with incorrect rhythm, intonation and stress. Each language has its own way of “singing” and students need to learn the “music” of North American English. Speaking a language is a physical skill. You use the muscles in your face, your lips, tongue and your breath to produce sounds, words and sentences. I will offer both written descriptions and visual pictures of how each of the sounds is produced in the mouth. An overview of vowel and consonant problems inherent in each language will be offered as well as assessment of students. Please come join us.

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