Session A8

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

How to Increase In-Class Learning by Balancing Awareness, Knowledge, and Power

Stephen DeGiulio, Ph.D. (Santa Fe Community College)

Ocotillo I, 10:00-11:15

Participants will address ways to increase the learning that takes place during class time—and that is integrated for the long term during deep sleep (at home!).  In discussion/demonstration format, we’ll look at ways to balance awareness, knowledge, and power in the interpersonal engagements among learners and between learner and teacher—in real time, not just theory.  Understanding these three terms and learning ways to balance them is the goal of this session.  By giving curriculum and memory less class time, we can give learners more class time in spontaneous engagement with course content and in unstructured, but focused, peer interaction.  Perhaps paradoxically, this increases the retention of meaningful curricular content by integrating it with a holistic grasp of one’s path in life. 

This is a session for teachers and anyone interested in facilitating learning as the acquisition of skills and knowledge. No mobile devices will be used.

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