Session A5

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Understanding Your Brain: Pleasure and Pain

Melissa Franklin (Biology, MSE, CNM); Beth Giebus-Chavez (IRW, SAGE, CNM)

Sierra I, 10:00-11:15

Well-being is a feeling in a “present moment” associated with sensations and thoughts. Humans naturally gravitate toward pleasant sensations and generally prefer to avoid discomfort. However, our default thought patterns often emerge out of a feeling that we are somehow defective in some way.  These mindless thought patterns can be dysregulating and cause us to raise defenses and seek distractions.  Natural opioids associated with pleasant sensations and thoughts can counter dysregulation.  How can research associated with addiction to exogenous opioids provide insight? Drawing upon the neurobiology of pain and pleasure pathways, this session seeks to

  • engage participants in mindfulness-based practices that bring to consciousness an awareness of when we are causing ourselves or another to suffer; and
  • share in dialogue about how communication patterns with students and each other may differ when coming from a ‘place within’ that is dysregulated, compared to when it is not.

No mobile device is needed.

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