Session A4

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Cultivating Change in a Co-Requisite Setting

Dr. Alicia O’Brien, PhD (Math, School of Science, Math, & Engineering, San Juan College); LuAnn Walton (Math, School of Science, Math, & Engineering, San Juan College) 

Sandia III, 10:00-11:15

As the face of Developmental Education changes, so also should our approach to student success. More students will be starting their mathematical journey with fewer, if any, developmental level classes. This will place new responsibilities and challenges on both students and instructors as we all navigate our way through this new approach. Focusing on the work of Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler, we will look at the positive impact of helping to instill a growth mindset in our faculty and students. We will examine some of the characteristics of having a growth mindset and the applications to our students. We will also address the importance of collaborative learning and the positive impact of making mistakes. This session will be valuable to instructors at all levels of math, advisors and counselors, and anyone working with students with disabilities. The goal is for everyone to leave with a renewed sense of hope and excitement in working with students from every level of experience and success in math.

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