Session A2

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Digital Pedagogy Session #1 – Let’s Be More Critical with Our Digital Pedagogy

Anna Gilletly (MSE, CNM)

Sandia I, 10:00-11:15

There are a lot of cool, fancy technological tools to use for teaching. They are alluring and enticing. They can be dangerous. They can be metamorphic. Let’s talk about why you use digital tools. Let’s talk about why you do NOT use digital tools. Both are important questions. This session will use guided small-group discussions to introduce you to ideas regarding pedagogy, digital pedagogy, and critical digital pedagogy and how these ideas can impact your teaching philosophy and teaching strategies. We will explore questions around how you can use digital spaces in your class and what online spaces give to learners. This session is intended for K12 and higher-ed. Optional BYOD (bring your own device.)

This session is part of the 3-part digital pedagogy track at the conference. Sequential attendance is not required but attending all three is recommended; each will refer to the others but are not dependent on the others.

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