Session A11

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Work Sucks! – Obstacles to Effective Time Management

Roshelle Overton (Accounting, BIT, CNM)

 Agave, 10:00-11:15

This presentation will focus on different time management obstacles (sometimes unconscious) that faculty deal with on a regular basis.  Basically, those things that “suck the time out of their day,” giving them the feeling that they’ve accomplished nothing on their to-do list.  The presentation will also give faculty time to reflect on what their major “time-sucks” are and how to efficiently get some of that time back.  There will be a short presentation with small group discussions to reflect on best practices for time management.  This session is intended for faculty who need to get stuff done, but can’t seem to find the time!  When faculty leave this session, they should have at least one or two methods to become more conscious of their time and how to set reasonable and attainable standards, so their personal tasks become prioritized and they can get back to teaching.

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