Session A10

7th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Choose Your Own Adventure! Custom-Built Information Literacy Instruction with CNM Libraries

Bridget O’Leary-Storer, MLS (CNM Libraries); Martha Castillo, MLIS (CNM Libraries); Samantha LeGrand, MLS (CNM Libraries)

Piñon, 10:00-11:15

This session will provide faculty, tutors, and other academic support staff with the tools to utilize information literacy instructional resources available through CNM Libraries. Discuss methods of information literacy instruction and their benefits; instructional resources for F2F, DL, and self-guided learning; opportunities for customization; and examples of successful collaborative partnerships between faculty and librarians. Engage in a panel discussion with CNM Librarians, where we welcome all questions and feedback about the nature and use of information literacy instruction services. We will then split up into a small group activity focused on addressing student needs and outcomes, and we will end with a brief recap with Q & A time. Preview our information literacy "menu" in the resources below.

Audience: Faculty, tutors, academic support staff interested in:

  • Improving student engagement and success applying information literacy, academic inquiry, and critical thinking skills
  • Accessing libraries expert instructional support and interactive resources on the “why?” and “how?” behind locating and evaluating information sources
  • New ideas for integrating research and critical thinking into subject matter instruction 
  • Fostering networks and partnerships to increase support for students learning

Outcomes: Attendees will come away with knowledge and understanding of:

  • Options and ideas for integrating information literacy in any course
  • How to request and customize information literacy instruction
  • Ways to work collaboratively with librarians to increase student success
  • Where to find embeddable online resources students can use to improve results

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