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6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Four Educators Walk Into a Bar: Universal Design, Leadership, & Organizational Change

Kathy Hoppe, DMin (Disability Resource Center, CNM); Paula Smith Hawkins (CHSS, CNM); Carol Martinez (MSE, CNM)


This study uses auto-ethnographic and survey methodology to explore challenges, barriers, and strategies to implement Universal Design of Learning principles (UDL) into the culture of a large, urban Southwestern community college. Reporting from the perspectives of faculty, disability specialist, faculty trainer, and administrator, each author outlines her experience in working with campus populations to both implement UDL policies, procedures and practices as well as change campus culture.   The study is framed by the Distributed Leadership Model and Organizational change theory, situating leadership horizontally across campus constituencies. This study shares how promotion of a transdisciplinary culture of universally designed instruction contributes to a holistic initiative that goes beyond increasing enrollment and encourages student persistence and completion.

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