Session A8

6th Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning

Reinventing Rosie: A Pathway to Success for Women in Nontraditional Careers

Jennifer Klecker (AT, CNM); Denise Ojeda (AT, CNM);  Janet Hughes (AT, CNM);  Ray Trujillo (Training Director, United Association Local 412, Plumbers & Pipefitters)

Ocotillo I, 10:15-11:30

The WWII Rosie the Riveter campaign drew women to work in trades and technology jobs. We are again at the place where not enough are trained to do the work and it's time to reinvent Rosie. Discuss recruitment, retention and how we can help women in nontraditional careers realize their dreams. You will witness scenarios and discuss the results with a panel including CNM faculty, staff and industry professionals. Discover how you too can reach a more women in your classroom, alternative teaching methods that appeal to women, handling classroom issues like harassment and classroom relationships, and strategies to ensure more women are exposed to trades and technology and see these as viable career options.
• Help faculty identify how to draw women into their programs, support them through programs and help them graduate and get work
• These best practices can be applied to any traditional and nontraditional disciplines

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