CNM Business Incubator Application

Please complete the application to the CNM Business Incubator to the best of your abilities. If items do not apply to your business or idea at this stage, please answer N/A.

Basic Company Information
Do you have any or plan to have any employees?  

Do you have reliable access to a computer and the internet?  

Do you have any affiliation with CNM? (Faculty, staff, family member of student, staff, faculty, etc.)  

If you are requesting space, please answer the following questions.
Business Model Your business model explains how you make money with your product or service. If you have not started your business, it describes how you plan to make money.
Is there already the same or similar product or service on the market?  

Business Structure You are eligible to apply for the CNM Business Incubator program if your company is still in the idea stage. If this is the case, please discuss what you have done with the idea up to this point so we understand how far along you are in the formation of the actual company.
What type of business do you have or plan to have?  

Do you have insurance?  

Video* Please provide a 1-minute video of your product or service. You can create the video and upload it to Vimeo or YouTube. Please provide the video below.