Scheduling Your Exam With RegisterBlast

All exams taking through the CNM Assessment Department at Main, Montoya, Westside and Rio Rancho campuses now must be scheduled through RegisterBlast, as well as Accuplacer testing at South Valley Campus.

Appointment Information

Appointments for all exams are now scheduled via RegisterBlast.

 ***Note: Students requiring special accommodations for testing, other than extra-time only, should contact the DRC at (505) 224-3259, or email: ***

  • Exams may not be available at all campuses.
  • Examinees who are more than 15 minutes late may have to reschedule.

RegisterBlast Video Tutorial


  1. Select whether you are a CNM student or not below.
  2. Select what campus you want to test at.
  3. Select your exam (it is the student’s responsibility to select the correct exam).
  4. Choose your test date and time.
  5. Click “Add to Cart.”

The registration process is not complete until you click “Complete Registration.”

Yes, I am a CNM student.

No, I am not a CNM student.

 Test Center Rules

  •  Students must have a valid photo ID.
  • All personal belongings, including purses, and electronic devices, watches, and cell phones, will be collected prior to entering the testing room. We encourage you to leave all belongings at home or secures in your vehicle.
  • If dishonest behavior is observed it will be documented and the instructor/test provider will be notified.

 Test Center Will Provide

  • Scratch Paper and Pencils
  • Ear Plugs upon request
  • A proctored, secure testing environment

*Please note that walk-in students without an appointment will still need to schedule their exams with RegisterBlast at the test center prior to testing. Seat availability is limited and reserved only through the RegisterBlast system.