BCIS 1110 (IT1010) Industry Certification Exam (IC3)

Individuals can earn college credit for BCIS 1110 (IT1010) *name changed as of Fall 2019* at CNM by passing the three-section exam, Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3).


(505) 224-3243

The three sections can be taken separately, but need to be completed within a two week period. Students will be tested on the most current versions of Windows and Microsoft Office available.

Remote, Proctored Testing

At this time, the IC3 exam is only being offered remotely. To schedule, please email

The Assessment Center will work with Certiport, the company that runs the exam, to book appointment times for you. Exam slots are available Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. There are 3 sections that will need to be scheduled.

On the day of the exam, about an hour before the scheduled test time, Certiport will send out a final email inviting students to the test session. Please read Certiport's instructions for students here.

For this exam series, there is also a practice test available. Please email us for information on gaining access.

Schedule your BCIS 1110 test by emailing

Exam Sections, Rules and Results

Section 1: Living Online (passing score 700; max. score 1000This section covers networks and the internet, electronic mail, using the internet, the impact of computing, and the internet society.

Section 2: Key Applications (passing score 700; max. score 1000This section covers common Windows program functions, Word processing functions, spreadsheet functions and presentation software.

Section 3: Computing Fundamentals (passing score 700, max. score 1000) This section covers computer hardware, computer software, and using the Windows operating system.

Testing Rules:

  • Each of the 3 sections contains 50 questions and is 50 minutes long.
  • All examinees must present a photo I.D. Acceptable types of I.D. include driver’s licenses, passports, military I.D.s and college issued I.D. cards.
  • No Personal items whatsoever are allowed in the test center including books, papers, phones, calculators, purses or backpacks.

Sample of a Certiport certificate.
Test Results:

Passing scores on all 3 sections of the IC³ exam will give you a professional certificate from Certiport and 3 college credits from CNM for BCIS 1110 (IT1010) (passing this exam does not qualify for financial aid residency requirements). You will receive a report of your scores upon completion of the exam and an official Certiport certificate will be mailed by Certiport to your home 3-4 weeks later.