Fisdap (EMS-Paramedic Program Assessment)

The Fisdap exam is a specific diagnostic tool for the paramedicine field. It assesses your readiness to enter the Paramedic program.

Take the Exam

The FISDAP Paramedic Entrance exam is available to take during the dates that the pre-screening form is open.

You can take the FISDAP Paramedic Entrance at the Main Campus Assessment Center.

For exact dates, contact the office (505) 224-3243.

The FISDAP Paramedic Entrance  exam is required for students entering the EMS-Paramedic Program and must be completed before submitting a Pre-Registration Screening Form for the Paramedic Program.

Areas Tested

  • Personality Inventory
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Math
  • EMT (Knowledge, Application, and Problem Solving

About the Fisdap Exam

  • The exam fee is $25.25 for two attempts (payable at the time of the exam)
  • Textbooks, notebooks, paper and children are not allowed in the testing lab
  • Scratch paper is provided and will be collected
  • Students may retest after 24 hours
  • The exam is given no later than 2 hours prior to closing
  • The exam is given only at the CNM Main Assessment Center (SSC-204)

Testing Requirements

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Credit card, Debit card or Pre-paid card for $25.25 fee

Fisdap Scores

  • Fisdap scores are valid for 1 year
  • No minimum scores required, but all prospective EMS students must take the exam.

Results are sent directly to the CNM EMS Department and after the exam students can access their accounts through