Health Science

Find your CNM program. Select the desired work experience course listed below the program to see its catalog description and any eligibility requirements.

Dental Assistant

DA 1292 Fundamentals of Chairside Assisting Lab I (WEL*)
DA 1590 Clinical Experience I
DA 2090 Clinical Experience II

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

DMS 1590 Clinical Sonography I
DMS 2090 Clinical Sonography II
DMS 2290 Clinical Sonography III
DMS 2490 Vascular Clinical
DMS 2690 Clinical Sonography IV

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

ENDT 1090 Neurodiagnostic Clinical I
ENDT 2090 Neurodiagnostic Clinical II
ENDT 2190 Neurodiagnostic Clinical III

Electronic Health Record

EHR 1090 Electronic Health Record Practicum
EHR 2290 Electronic Health Records Practicum II

Emergency Medical Services

EMS 1190 EMT Basic Clinical
EMS 1493 Advanced EMT (EMT-1) Lab (WEL*)
EMS 2092 EMS Advanced Supplemental Skills Lab (CR/NC) (WEL*)
EMS 2390 Hospital Clinic I
EMS 2590 Hospital Clinic II
EMS 2790 Capstone Field Experience

Exercise Science

EXSC 2990 Practicum


FITT 2990 Yoga Instructor Practicum

Health Info Technology

HIT 1090 Health Information Practicum
HIT 2390 Health Information Coding Practicum

Medical Assistant

MA 1090 Medical Assistant Clinical

Medical Lab Technician

MLT 1192 Clinical Immunology Laboratory (WEL*)
MLT 1510 Clinical Hematology (WEL*)
MLT 1511  Clinical Immunohematology (WEL*)
MLT 1592 Clinical Coagulation Laboratory (WEL*)
MLT 1692 Clinical Hematology Laboratory (WEL*)
MLT 2011 Clinical Chemistry (WEL*)
MLT 2790 MLT Clinical Experience

Nursing (Now NMNC formerly NRSG)

NMNC 1135  Principles of Nursing Practice (WEL*)
NMNC 1235 Assessment and Health Promotion (WEL*) 
NMNC 2335  Care of Patients with Chronic Conditions
NMNC 2435  Clinical Intensive I (WEL*)
NMNC 2445 ADN Capstone (WEL*)


NUTR 1090 Dietary Manager Clinical I
NUTR 1190 Dietary Manager Clinical II

Nursing Assistant

NA 1190 Nursing Assistant Clinical

Patient Care Technician

PCT 1090 Patient Care Tech Clinical Experience

Pharmacy Technician

PT 2090 Pharmacy Technician Clinical

Physical Therapist Assistant

PTA 1520 Therapeutic Exercise (WEL*)
PTA 1540 Clinical Neurology and Management (WEL*)
PTA 2090 Clinical Practicum I
PTA 2290 Clinical Practicum II
PTA 2390 Clinical Practicum III

Radiation Technology

RADT 1690 Clinical Experience I
RADT 2090 Clinical Experience II
RADT 2490 Clinical Experience III
RADT 2890 Clinical Experience IV

Respiratory Therapy

RT 1090 Clinical Experiences I
RT 1590 Clinical Experiences II
RT 2090 Advanced Clinical Experiences I
RT 2490 Advanced Clinical Experiences II

Surgical Technician

ST 1590 Surgical Technology Clinical I
ST 2090 Surgical Technology Clinical II

Veterinary Technician

VT 2190 Veterinary Technology Clinical I
VT 2690 Veterinary Technology Clinical II
VT 2790 Applied Therapeutics II Avian, Laboratory, Exotic and Large Animals
VT 2890 Veterinary Technology Clinical III

*WEL: Work Embedded Learning course