Report from the CNM/SFCC Team

Report from the CNM/SFCC Team

Here’s some background and information about what we’re currently doing as our part of the New Mexico Statewide General Education Steering Committee initiative.

After our initial meeting of the statewide committee, consisting of introductions to each other and the project, we were broken up into sub-committees to gather faculty input on what should be our next set of New Mexico General Education Core Competencies. The current New Mexico Core Competencies can be found here:

Our small group consisted of representatives from CNM and SFCC (Santa Fe Community College). CNM representatives are Dean Erica Volkers, Student Academic Assessment Committee Co-Chair and BIT instructor Nathan Saline, and Faculty Senate Chair and SAGE instructor David Valdés.

To gather information at CNM, representative groups of faculty met to discuss and determine potential competencies for the future. These representative groups consisted of the Academic Affairs Council which includes all the faculty discipline chairs, the Student Academic Assessment Committee, the CNM Faculty Senate, and the College Curriculum Committee. The latter three contain faculty representatives from each school at CNM.

The combined working list of competencies that faculty representatives from CNM and SFCC will present to the larger steering committee are linked here.


Submitted by David Valdés
CNM Faculty Senate Chair