CNM Microcredentialing Initiative

CNM Microcredentialing Initiative provides employability skills that result in employment opportunities and certifies student credentials through blockchain-based badges.

Navigating a Changing World

With a rapidly changing workforce derived by technological advancements, adequately preparing learners for the future of work is crucial. As technology becomes more than just a tool, employability skills that are uniquely human, such as emotional intelligence and communication, will be required for tangible employment opportunities. The workforce is also becoming more dynamic and less hierarchical, which means skills like initiative, collaboration and resilience will be required in the future of work.

As the largest institution preparing New Mexico’s workforce and the first community college to issue blockchain-based student-owned digital diplomas, CNM Microcredentialing Initiative offers education and training that results in credentials recognized and valued by industry.

The Pilot Project: #TeeUpTheSkills

CNM is one of seven colleges and universities nationwide to be selected to participate in the #TeeUpTheSkills cohort, which is a project by Education Design Lab to explore how the 21st Century Skills Badges would prepare badge earners to gain tangible employment opportunities. CNM has partnered with TLC and Jaynes Corporation for this project, and we are currently providing education and training on empathy and oral communication skills. The pilot project will conclude in December 2019.  

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