CNM Flex

CNM Flex is a fast, personalized and flexible way to pursue your degree/certificate.

CNM Flex Availability

For Fall 2019, CNM Flex is only offered for the Digital Media Marketing Certificate.


This certificate is developed through a partnership between CNM and Facebook. Students who complete this program will not only earn a CNM certificate but also a Facebook-endorsed credential in digital marketing.

If you're interested in programs launching after Fall 2019, please inquire.

Programs coming soon include Business Administration, Associate of Applied Science; Retail Management, Certificate of Completion; and General Studies, Certificate of Completion. 

Success in your career is based on what you know and what you can do. In CNM Flex, you'll earn a degree/certificate by demonstrating what you know and what you can do.

Rather than a traditional learning model that emphasizes a slower pace with little room for personalization, CNM Flex allows you to progress at your own pace, advance through mastery of skill and take advantage of a flat tuition rate. 

Key Features

  • Set the PaceMove quickly through content you know and take time on new, challenging content. Move onto the next course whenever you're ready. 
  • Strike a Healthy Work-Life Balance: Fit learning into your family and work schedule. Adjust your workload against whatever family or work changes might occur. 
  • Save MoneyPay one flat tuition and complete as many courses as you are able to. No additional fees and no extra cost for textbooks. The more courses you successfully complete during a specified term, the more money you save.

Is CNM Flex Right for You?

CNM Flex is designed for students who:

  • are self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • plan ahead and follow through
  • seek out help when needed
  • need flexibility to balance school, work and family responsibilities
  • want to leverage prior knowledge and experiences to accelerate time to graduation
  • prefer to work independently

If you're unsure whether CNM Flex is right for you, take our quiz to find out more. If you're ready to enroll right now, please do so below.

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