Disinfectant Procedures

In accordance with the EPA's guidelines for disinfection, CNM has implemented several procedures to ensure the safety of our community.

Our procedures are based on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting related to COVID-19.


Before getting started on cleaning and disinfecting, all employees must wear proper personal protective equipment, including a mask, gloves, safety glasses, and a Tyvek suit when necessary.

Cleaning Products

Due to COVID-19, CNM is following the EPA guidelines for safe and effective disinfection use that can be found on CNM has researched and obtained a disinfectant (One Step) that is on the EPA’s list of approved disinfectants and can be found under EPA REG NO 1839-166. Per the directions on the One Step label, it is to be mixed in a ratio of 1oz per gallon of water to effectively kill COVID-19. The facilities maintenance coordinator is responsible for properly mixing the One Step and disbursing quart-size bottles to each campus with the proper labels. 

Per the EPA’s Steps for Safe and Effective Disinfection Use, all surfaces must be pre-cleaned before disinfecting.  Pre-cleaning the surface allows for all visible dirt and grime to be removed to ensure the surface is as clean as possible before applying the One Step disinfectant solution. CNM is using the ENVIROX A-112 (Absolute™ Envirox® H2Orange2® Hyper-Concentrate 112 Sanitizer/Virucide Cleaner EPA-Registered) for all pre-cleaning. This product is diluted in two concentrations, one for light-duty and the other for heavy duty cleaning. There are dispensers at each campus that have a red button for heavy duty and a green button for light duty. Due to COVID-19, CNM is only using the heavy-duty concentration to pre-clean all surfaces. 


  • Classrooms
    • In order to bring students back to campus safely, all teachers will have multiple spray bottles of One Step to disinfect between classes. The One Step must be applied to each surface and allowed to sit for at least ten minutes in order to effectively kill COVID-19. After letting the One Step sit for 10 minutes, it is to be wiped off with a clean towel. 
  • Daily Cleaning
    • In order to comply with the EPA’s recommendations, CNM will be cleaning with the Envirox A-112 to remove all dirt and grime. One Step will then be applied to ensure all surfaces are disinfected. 
  • Fogging
    • When there is a positive COVID case, the contaminated area will be shut down per CNM’s policy and procedures, and Facilities and Maintenance will be contacted. CNM has a Hydro-force wet fogger that is used with the One Step disinfectant to properly disinfect large areas.