Five Steps to Taking the Accuplacer

These steps will help you prepare for the Accuplacer Test. Reading, Sentence Skills (English), and Math Accuplacer Placement Exams are offered to determine your appropriate course level. All scores are good for five years.

The Accuplacer Test is a measuring tool used to determine the level of classes you are prepared to

Student at Computer Lab
take at CNM. You can’t pass or fail the Accuplacer, and you do not need to be enrolled at CNM to take the Accuplacer, however it is highly recommended that you register for CNM.

The Accuplacer exams are usually administered using Accuplacer computerized testing software. The computerized version averages 1-2 hours for completion of all tests. The paper and pencil version of Accuplacer, called a "Companion" exam, is also available to accommodate large groups or other special needs. The paper and pencil version averages 2.5-3 hours for completion of all tests. These exams are self-paced and are not timed.

When you're ready to take the test, visit the Accuplacer testing page and be sure to bring a Photo I.D. when you arrive to take the test.