Wellness Path

A healthier CNM community are the expected results of the completion the 1.2-mile Wellness Path that loops the perimeter of Main Campus.

Health and Wellness

CNM's 1.2 mile wellness path meanders around the perimeter of CNM’s Main Campus and has themed stations in four areas. Each station has signage with a map of the full path, more information on wellness and specific tips.

Physical Wellness

Wellness Path - Physical

Equipment includes:

  • Squat Press
  • Balance Steps
  • Chest/Back Press
  • 3D Xylophone
  • Picnic Table
  • Lounge Chairs
    Wellness Path - Occupational

Occupational Wellness

Equipment includes:

  • AB Crunch/Leg Lift
  • Cardio Stepper
  • Cone Xylophone
  • Picnic Table

Intellectual Wellness

Equipment includes:

Wellness Path - Intellectual

  • Pull-Up/Dip
  • Tai Chi Wheels
  • Plyometrics
  • Vertical Xylophone
  • Picnic Table
  • Lounge Chairs

Emotional Wellness

Wellness Path - Emotional

Equipment includes:

  • Horizontal Xylophone
  • Picnic Table

Native and Adaptive Plants

Signage at each station provides more information about native and symbolic plants found along the path. Plant sections at each station were made based on their symbolism to specific dimensions of wellness.

More Information

Check out the Main Campus map to see the location of the wellness path.