2015 Recycling Education Expo

An exhibition of educational recycling resources produced by CNM students.
As part of the RecycleMania Tournament and the Campus as a Living Lab initiative, CNM students and staff have created the following resources to help educate the CNM community about our recycling efforts. 


RecycleMania 2014 at CNM

A CNM Media Production Services video highlighting student volunteers at the Mt. Trashmore event during RecycleMania 2014.

RecycleMania PSA

A Public Service Announcement video by CNM students Marilyn Valencia and Brittany Salazar illustrating some dos and don'ts of recycling at CNM.

"When we were working on our PSA last spring, we wanted to do something to show what items were actually recyclable compared to what people think can be recycled. During our first go around, however, we still did it wrong and put some things in the recycle bin that are not allowed. For instance, people need to take plastic shopping bags to designated places, like grocery stores, in order for them to be recycled. Since we messed up the first PSA, we then did a 'What Did We Do Wrong?' in the PSA. I loved participating in this tournament because many people are unaware of how important it is to recycle. I am a big advocate of recycling and in helping with RecycleMania I was able to share my knowledge with those who are unaware. I learned a lot about different ways to recycle. I look forward to working in the tournament again and gaining more knowledge to help make CNM go green!" - Marilyn Valencia

A Change in Perspective

A video of a student-choreographed dance performance.

"My objective with this dance video was to inspire people through the means of art. I thought recycling was a good concept to convey with dance because I wanted to incorporate the idea of changing behaviors. My dance partner wore black and was littering which represented someone unaware of how important recycling is. When I came out with the flowers, each flower I gave to her represented how recycling gives back to the earth. She became inspired by my behaviors, replacing the trash with flowers, and she did the same, transforming herself into bright colors. This is how I also wanted people to feel while watching the video: inspired to change their own actions. By doing this video for RecycleMania and helping with activities pertaining to the tournament, I have learned how important it is to work with the community and to inspire every person to take part in making a difference." —Rachel Palsce

PowerPoint Presentations

Pamphlets and Flyers

  • "Single-Stream Recycling at CNM": Danielle Sungi and Mariah Lucero created this brochure about what can and can't be recycled in CNM's single-stream bins.
  • "Recycling Flyer": Nicholas Chavez and Charles Dean created this CNM-specific recycling flyer.
  • "Homemade Vermicomposting Bins": Brianna Thomason and Victor Melenciano created this pamphlet about how to reduce waste and recycle organic materials by buying or making a vermicomposting bin.