CNM is Smoke Free

CNM is committed to providing a healthy environment in which to learn and work. Please help keep CNM smoke free!

No Smoking Sign

Central New Mexico Community College has been declared a smoke-free institution.


CNM is committed to wellness, prevention, and providing a healthy environment in which to learn, work, and visit. Therefore, smoking and the use of tobacco-related products of any kind, to include e-cigarettes, are prohibited on all CNM campuses except in clearly marked designated smoking areas.

Smoking any product, including the use of chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes, shall be limited to designated smoking areas and banned from all other areas at all of Central New Mexico Community College's campuses and locations. Designated smoking areas-are identified by signs and markings on the sidewalk/pavement, and can be found on campus maps. There are designated smoking areas at all CNM locations.

This provision honors CNM's sincere commitment to the physical and social well-being of its students, faculty and staff. This amendment to CNM policies is written in compliance with the Dee Johnson Clean Indoor Act and established by the Governing Board.

The policy prohibits the consumption of tobacco and tobacco products including e-cigarettes except within areas clearly marked as designated smoking areas. [See map]

This tobacco / tobacco products policy is incorporated into the Student Code of Conduct and the Employee Handbook and is enforceable as provided therein.

CNM recognizes the addictive nature of nicotine and tobacco products and is committed to assisting its community in adjusting to life without tobacco.

Want help quitting? Resources to help you quit.