GO Bond C Election

New Mexico voters have the opportunity to support CNM and public higher education institutions throughout the state by voting on General Obligation (GO) Bond C.

Vote on GO Bond C

Absentee voting begins on October 6. Early voting begins October 17 and ends October 31. Election Day is on Tuesday, November 3.

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Election Day Voting Locations

GO Bonds and GO Bond C

Every two years, voters in New Mexico have the opportunity to vote on General Obligation (GO) bonds. GO bonds provide needed funding for brick-and-mortar projects throughout the state. This November 3, voters will be able to vote on GO Bond C. If it passes, GO Bond C would allocate funds to renovate and improve aging infrastructure for CNM and other higher education institutions throughout New Mexico. 

There are NO tax rate increases associated with GO Bond C.

GO Bond C Impact on New Mexico

New Mexico's public colleges, universities, and specialty schools are critical to our economy. GO Bond C will help maintain the educational institutions we have already invested in and give them resources to provide a safe, quality education.

Examples of what GO Bond C funding provides:

  • repairing or replacing aged equipment and facilities
  • improving safety and updating technology to ensure students have access to the resources they need
  • constructing new facilities that support student success and drive economic growth

For many of our state's higher education institutions, GO Bond C will be their ONLY source of funding for critical renovations and facility upkeep. It will also help provide access to the latest in technology and training.

Projects funded by GO Bond C will create more than 1,500 new jobs across 23 New Mexico cities in construction, architecture, and related fields. Workers in these jobs will boost local businesses and add to local gross receipts tax bases, which is needed now more than ever.

GO Bond C and CNM

If it passes, GO Bond C would provide CNM with $13 million for much-needed infrastructure repairs and improvements to student services facilities at all CNM campuses to better serve the changing needs of students. The Bond would also provide for the demolition of the current Student Services Center on Main Campus, which is outdated and in poor condition.

To read more about the impact of GO Bonds on New Mexico students, please visit the GO Bond C website.