CNM Constituent Relationship Management

CNM is implementing a college-wide Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) tool. The CRM will allow us to connect our different information systems, like Banner, and our college processes in one, easy to use place, which will provide an accurate and holistic view of each constituent. Through the use of the CRM, we will provide higher quality outreach and a better experience for any individual that interacts with CNM.

Why Implement a CRM?

A centralized enterprise-wide CRM approach has several strategic advantages.

Platform flexibility for different use cases

The Implementation Project

The CRM is currently being implemented in four phases.

  • Phase 1 included the basic recruiting, marketing, and admissions pieces.
  • Phase 2 is now in progress, with supplemental applications, grants relationship management, and integration with CNM Ingenuity.
  • Phase 3 will develop Advisement scheduling and documentation, Scholarship applications, new student orientation, and tracking of offline marketing.
  • Phase 4 will bring the key pieces of event management, donation management, and alumni relationship management for CNM Foundation together, along with data reporting and analysis.