DRC Students Rights and Responsibilities

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) recognizes and maintains all academic standards that are essential to provide quality academic programs while respecting the rights of individuals with disabilities. Registration in the DRC by individuals with disabilities is voluntary. Not all students with disabilities require academic adjustments, including auxiliary aids/accommodations.

Students with a documented disability have the following rights

  • Equal access to programs, facilities, services, and courses available through Central New Mexico Community College.
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations determined in accordance with the needs of the student [according to 34 CFR § 104.44a].
  • Security and confidentiality of all information pertaining to the student and his or her disability with the student's choice of whom to disclose his or her disability, except as required by law.

Students with a disability have the rights and responsibilities to

  • Meet with an Academic Coach at the DRC to discuss accommodations and other issues relevant to their disability and attendance at CNM.
  • Provide documentation from an appropriate professional source that verifies the nature of the disability, the health status changes, functional limitations and the need for specific accommodations.
  • Follow specific procedures for obtaining reasonable and appropriate accommodations.
  • Advocate for needs, seek information, counsel, and assistance as necessary to be an effective self-advocate.

When determining Reasonable Accommodations with students with disabilities, the Academic Coach assists the students to recognize their rights and responsibilities.

  • The Student Accommodation statement is valid for one year but can be updated at any time if the accommodation needs change.
  • The registered student has the responsibility to give their Student Accommodation Statements to their instructors at the beginning of each class or upon receipt of the statement.
  • Students will discuss their accommodations with their instructors as appropriate and, if necessary, remind instructors about accommodations.
  • When applicable, students will meet with their DRC Academic Coach and instructor to discuss accommodations for practicum, student training, or any field of work, when and if appropriate.
  • Students are responsible for arranging extended time testing with the DRC per instructions on the Extended Time Testing form.
  • Students will meet with their DRC Academic Coach at least once each semester to review and update the Student Accommodation Statement and discuss other issues.
  • When applicable, students will contact their DRC Academic Coach to request extended time testing, note-taker services, sign language interpreters services, captioning, books in an alternative format, adaptive technology on campus (examples: Kurzweil, Dragon Naturally Speaking, screen reader), adaptive furniture in classrooms, adaptive listening devices, and equipment loans.
  • Students are encouraged to contact their DRC Academic Coach for any legitimate reasons or questions regarding classes or other issues.
  • Comply with the Student Code of Conduct adopted by CNM.